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Practical tips for shampooing your dog
  • Thoroughly wet your dog all over
    The more water you get into the coat, the easier it is to shampoo. If you have warm water available, use it. It is much more comfortable for your dog and helps the water penetrate the fatty substances on the coat.
  • Use a sponge to wash the face
    This gives you more control and most pets hate water sprayed on their face.
  • Rub off some of the excess water
    Too much water will dilute the shampoo. You can always add some more water if there isn't enough to make a foam. Pour the shampoo in a line down your dog's back - be generous, especially when using a medicated shampoo. Pour some onto your hands and apply to your dog's legs and belly. Apply some shampoo to the face, either on the sponge, or on your hands. Be careful around the eyes.
  • Rub your dog until a good lather has been created.
    Make sure you get under the tail, between the legs, and around the muzzle, as these areas can harbour bacteria and yeast. If you need more shampoo or water, add as required
  • Give the shampoo time to work.
    Most medicated shampoos need to be left on for 10 minutes. (Check the instructions on the label) Give your dog a ball game, or something to distract it while you wait, and use a clock to time yourself.
  • Rinse thoroughly!
    This is also time consuming. Remember there is a lot of shampoo in their hair. Rinse for at least 5 minutes to help remove debris and dirt from the coat.
  • Dry your doggie!
    Use plenty of towels, or a blow drier. Try to dry right down to the skin. Another ball game can help with drying