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Cleaning your pet's ears
It is important to inspect your pet's ears regularly, as the ears are often the most neglected part of the body, and can be prone to serious infection. Cleaning your pet's ears regularly helps to prevent the build up of wax, and dirt from the ear canal, and to reduce the risk of infection. If you find that the ear has an offensive odour, or a discharge, please consult your veterinarian.

Cleaning Technique
  • Apply ear cleanser liberally into the ear canal.
  • Distribute the cleanser in the ear canal by gently massaging the vertical canal. This may be felt as a large solid tube lying just under the skin below the entrance of the canal. Massage for 10 to 20 seconds, to ensure good cleansing of the vertical and horizontal ear canals.
  • Gently massage the fluid up the ear canal and remove excess fluid with clean cotton wool at the entrance of the canal. Also clean inside of the ear flap.
  • Repeat above steps until the excess fluid no longer looks dirty. Now clean the other ear.

For more information on cleaning your pet's ears, click here and select Dog Care to view a selection of helpful tips and a video on how to clean your pet's ears.

Do not use cotton buds in your pet's ears.
Be gentle when massaging the ear canal, especially if the ear is painful.
Even if your dog or cat doesn't have any ear problems, it may still be helpful to clean their ears about once or twice a month to remove ear wax and dirt from the ear canal.